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Beth Wilson - owner/professional Organizer

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Born and raised in Alabama, my path to the Pacific Northwest included college in Missouri and five years in New York City. I’ve lived in a 30 year old three bedroom house and I’ve lived in a studio apartment with a husband and a dog. I’ve lived both the suburban and the big city life, and all of these spaces have taught me lessons along the way. 

Before we move on, I have a confession...

I love clutter. 

I love pictures and books and tchotchkes. At their best these things inspire us and make us happy. After all, there’s a reason that these little things have found their way into our home. 

But most of us have jobs. And families. Or pets, travels, and obligations that keep us from being able to really take care of our home and separate the junk from the treasures. Ultimately we end up with a space that adds more stress rather providing relief and protection from the outside world. 

I’m a big believer in creating your own sanctuary where you can be creative and have the energy and headspace to do what you love and live your life rather than spending it worrying about stuff. I'd love to help you find your space. 


"My kitchen was overflowing with items I no longer needed or used and it overwhelmed me to even open the cabinets... This is where Beth comes in. She gave me a really great overview of what to expect and why things are the way they are. She was helpful, understanding, nonjudgmental and very detail oriented. It is so incredibly relieving to go into my kitchen and be able to find something the second I go to reach for it. It's been about 2 weeks and my kitchen is still in perfect shape, which I think is very important. After all, what's the use of organizing if it can't be easily maintained?! I'm so grateful for Beth's help! I no longer dread cooking a meal or putting things away. Thank you, Beth!!


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There are currently no license or training requirements for professional home organizers. With that said, I wanted to provide you with some information about my own qualifications and what you can look for when hiring a professional organizer.

While you do not need a license to act as a home organizer, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO)  is an organization that provides training and resources for its members. I am a member of the Seattle area chapter, and I take classes and webinars to deepen my knowledge and expertise. NAPO also has a code of ethics that I follow in my own business.  

Having someone next to you while you sort your belongings can be an intimate process, and its important that you feel comfortable and motivated with your organizer. Not everyone will be a perfect fit. It's ok to look around until you find someone that clicks.  


Meet the team

Wilson Home Organizing Team
Alina Stakhovich

Alina Stakhovich

Liz Baker

Liz Baker

Alina Stakhovich is a pediatric nurse here in Tacoma, WA and is currently working on building her own home organization business. She has an eye for styling and is also great with your little ones.

Liz Baker is a senior moves manager residing in Bonney Lake, WA. She is an expert on downsizing your belongings and most importantly, will love on all furry members of your family.